“Foreign Entrepreneurs Learn Art of the American Pitch” –  The Wall Street Journal – When a group of Austrian executives landed in New York recently, they were eager to tell U.S. bankers, consultants and asset managers about their country’s strong economy. But they worried no one knew where they were coming from—literally.


Pitch Coaching with Beth SusanneWe met Beth Susanne back in March at Angelsbootcamp. Part of Angelsbootcamp is a live pitch session on Day 2.  20 or so startups compete for 3 slots to pitch to the Angels. She was there to coach the startups in the fine art of the pitch. Beth Susanne was recently back in Berlin and we had a chance to sit down and get some tips on what makes a good pitch.

Health 2.0 Europe: Interview with Beth Susanne, startup consultant, and presentation coach –  Beth Susanne has coached close to a thousand of startups on how to present to investors: “You have about 10 seconds for an investor to decide whether you’re worthwhile to continue to listen to or not. You have to be clear about what you believe in but you also have to be coachable.” 


Foreign Entrepreneurs Won’t Make A Move Without Consulting With This $3,900-A-Day Pitch Coach – Beth Susanne is the person European and Asian entrepreneurs call when they want to learn how to loosen up and exude confidence before meeting with a group of Silicon Valley investors.

Beth is available for media appearances.

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