Pitch Coaching Climate-KIC Spain Accelerator

October 26-27, 2017 – Pitch Coaching 10 teams from the Climate-KIC Spain Accelerator, and 2 nominees preparing for the Venture Competition 2017

In three stages (Business Model Definition, Validation, Investor Readiness), the Climate-KIC Accelerator 18-month program brings the knowledge, resources, tools, masterclasses and mentoring & coaching a cleantech start-up needs for success, plus cash grants of up to €20.000, €25.000 and €50.000. Those who make the most of their program (masterclasses, start-up tours, expert training, showcasing) may obtain a total support of up to €95.000 by Stage 3.

Pitch Coaching Climate-KIC Spain Accelerator

The Venture Competition, during the Climate Innovation Summit, brings together the 15 most successful startups within the Climate-KIC Accelerator. The teams selected to take part in the competition represent some of today’s most promising startups. Each of these startups has the potential to become a leader in Europe when it comes to providing commercial solutions to climate change. Each Climate-KIC Accelerator location has selected their two best startups to go to the European Final. This year, the two startups selected by the Spanish Accelerator are:

SOLATOM (http://solatom.com)

Beth Susanne coached Carbon Delta, who won the 2016 Climate-KIC Venture Competition. Over the years, she has prepared countless finalists for this event from multiple countries across Europe. #bestclimateventure #CKCIS17

For more information: http://www.climate-kic.org/open-for-application/accelerator/


Pitch Coaching Climate-KIC Spain Accelerator

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