Book Beth to speak at your next conference.

Be Ready, Be Funded, Be Launched: Pitch Strategies that Get Investors to YES.

In this interactive presentation, you’ll gain clarity on what a 1-5 minute Silicon Valley quality pitch is made of, tools for effective delivery, and confidence on pitching your technology and team. Beth invites volunteers to pitch on stage and gives them laser-focused feedback, so the audience can see what works, what doesn’t work, and why. Beth’s presentation will cover how to:

  • Grab the investors’ attention
  • Avoid cultural NOs that get in your way
  • Mentally prepare, relax, and use the right voice tone and body language
  • Cover the 10 key points in every pitch
  • Avoid the 5 most common mistakes

Hire Beth to train your speakers and facilitators.

Keynotes are great opportunities to explain your mission and move your agenda forward. But many clients lack structure, rely too heavily on their slides, or don’t know how to connect with their audience. Beth is highly skilled at crystalizing complex content into the most engaging messages you need to convey. The result: a keynote address that is polished, concise and memorable.

  • Deliver your key message with impact
  • Conquer your nerves, and overcome language barriers
  • Choreograph your movement and voice tone with your message
  • Know what to include in your slides and how to interact with them

Ensure consistent, effective facilitation of all roundtable discussions, and gain commitment by participants to take action on any ideas they learned during the workshops and conference. Facilitator coaching will focus on:

  • Core Facilitation Practices
  • Questioning Formats
  • Healthy Debates vs. Blocking Arguments
  • Solutions and Common Language for Interventions

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