INNOVEIT 2017 EIT Awards in Budapest, Hungary

October 15-16, 2017 – INNOVEIT 2017 EIT Awards in Budapest, Hungary

Beth Susanne pitch coached the nominees for the EIT Awards in September in Budapest to prepare for the 2017 Innovation Forum in October, which she will attend.

INNOVEIT 2017 EIT Awards in Budapest, Hungary

Pau Education, an EIT Awards partner, designs participatory campaigns and projects that empower people, and bring about behavioural changes and greater social cohesion. Their team of 40 people – based in Barcelona with a wide multicultural background – gathers complementary skills in the fields of education and communication.

INNOVEIT 2017 combines the EIT Awards and the EIT Stakeholder Forum. This year they will focus on shaping innovation in Europe and consulting stakeholders on EIT’s Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) 2021-2027. Bringing together stakeholders from across the European innovation community, the forum is an inspiring and interactive event that:

  • Showcases successful innovations and ventures emerging from the EIT community, including their development and effect on societal challenges;
  • Presents the next generation of entrepreneurs and change agents;
  • Provides stakeholders with an opportunity to talk about shaping the future of innovation in Europe.

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